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Specialised equipment that allows us to rehabilitate and carry out therapeutic treatments.

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Redcord rehabilitation system

The Redcord system is used for the therapy of musculoskeletal disorders. It helps restore correct movement patterns. The equipment mounted on the ceiling serves to perform active and passive anti-gravity suspension exercises. It is the patient’s musculoskeletal system’s relief that enables the stabilization and enhancement of muscles as well as joints. There are either 3 or 2 traverses fixed to one sliding suspension system. These, in turn, enable the attachment of a variety of accessories, such as slings, handles or ropes.

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Massage and rehabilitation table - seven-segment with Pivot

Massage is one of the most common therapeutic modalities, which affects various organ systems. Not only does it have a positive impact on blood circulation, but also alleviates the pains in the spine. High comfort of performing and taking advantage of such treatment is provided by a modern, stable, fully adjustable table. What makes it exceptionally convenient are, among others, electric height setting and a fitted chin and nose opening. The bed is also equipped with a system preventing any unauthorized setting changes.

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One-segment Bobath rehabilitation table

This table is widely applied to the rehabilitation of the patients with neurological disorders, mainly the ones affected by strokes or other cranial-cerebral injuries. Regaining mobility, which is likely to bring back at least partial independence, poses the main aim of the therapy. The one-segment neurorehabilitation table with a stable construction and a wide top ensures that working with a patient is of complete safety and efficiency. Another asset worth noticing is the electric bed height adjustment system.

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CPM splint for passive hip and knee joint exercises

Another piece of medical equipment that we own is a digitally controlled user-friendly splint for passive hip and knee joint exercises. It allows the patients to regain limb mobility faster, for instance after a knee joint reconstruction surgery, an arthroscopic treatment or a fracture. The CPM splint is a device that simulates natural limb movements, thus recovering motor function. Early application of the therapy involving such equipment may prevent leg immobilisation, joint stiffness as well as the weakening of muscle tissues.

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Passive and active leg exerciser

The patients suffering from paralysis, spasticity and debility can expect a safe leg muscles training using a pedal exerciser. Systematic exercising reduces the occurrence of diseases caused by long-lasting immobilisation. What is more, it helps fight against spasticity. The device has been adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities. It is equipped with a large screen and security foot straps. Moreover, it features a motor assisted pedalling system, which is dedicated to the patients with vestigial muscle strength.

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Sollux lamp

The sollux lamp emits shortwave radiation that penetrates tissues and thereby heats them up. That, in turn, causes blood vessels widening. As a result, blood circulation is very likely to improve and the muscle tension shall be reduced. The irradiations are dedicated to the patients struggling with soft tissue and joint inflammations, bedsores, slipped disc, neuralgia or skin damages. Depending on the specificity of the ailment, a blue or a red filter is used. The former is pain-killing, whereas the latter heals hard wounds.

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Combined therapy, ultrasound therapy and electrotherapy unit

Etius U unit has been practised in electrotherapy, sonotherapy, combined therapy as well as phonophoresis. The treatment bears fruit while included in the therapy of many illnesses, such as spinal pains, degenerative changes, phantom pain sensations or neuralgia. Besides all the typically used currents, Etius U unit offers the application of microcurrents and TENS currents used for spastic paralysis therapy. Thanks to its two completely independent treatment channels, it is possible to perform different procedures simultaneously.

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Axial wheel for shoulder joint exercises

Shoulder wheels are dedicated to the elderly who have come through strokes or accidents as well as those with neurological disorders and paresis that require the rehabilitation of upper limbs. Besides the blood circulation improvement its main aim is to extend the range of shoulder motion and increase muscle strength. Each patient has the height of the rotation axis adjusted in accordance with the anatomic shoulder joint axis. In this way, a full range of flexion, extension, abduction and adduction motions is obtained in the arm.

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Adjustable upper limb pedal exerciser

Rehabilitation involving this pedal exerciser is recommended for the patients suffering from paralysis or atony in upper limbs as well as those with orthopaedic conditions. It enables the muscle strength to be restored, the blood circulation inside the limb to improve and the coordination skills to be upgraded. Exercising influences joint mobility as well. The device is equipped with a function that enables smooth resistance dosing so that it is suitable for users with different arm agility. The exerciser’s height is adjustable.

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Horizontal ergometer

The horizontal bicycle ergometer RE7 helps maintain physical agility as well as stay fit. It suits both the beginners and the veterans in exercising. It is recommended for the patients who have problems with the lumbar spine or overweight. In order to enhance user’s comfort it has been equipped with an easy-access lowered frame, a comfortable seat and a backrest with angle adjustment. The ergometer features also an exercise computer with multiple functions, heart rate monitoring and pulse controlled workout programs.

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Gait re-education stairs

Gait training staircase with an inclined ramp is designed for use in rehabilitating the patients who have lost the ability to walk. It allows them to regain efficient locomotion, which might be necessary in cases of paralyses, fractures or amputations within the legs. What is more, it is helpful within the therapy of lower limb illnesses. The unit is equipped with steel handrails that can be adjusted to the patient’s stature. The plywood steps, platform and ramp are covered with non-slip lining in order to guarantee safe use.

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Posture correction mirror

Posture correction mirrors with etched posturographic nets are used to verify the correctness of the patient’s posture. The net, which is incised on the surface, enables the unassisted control and correction of different body parts positioning, thereby reinforcing the connection between the mind and body. The mirror is suitable for exercising in both standing and sitting position. The side mirrors, in turn, help gauge the posture of the one practising from different angles. Easy shifting is provided by the braked castors.