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Each and every one of our residents is provided with assistance and support relevant to their needs.

They are surrounded with kindness and warmth. The empathetic staff of ours makes every effort to treat our patients with caution and responsiveness. We accompany them in another leg of the journey that life is.

  • we provide professional care for the elderly
  • our home offers residential care
  • nursing service is also provided

In addition, continuous access to a physician and a wide range of rehabilitation services are available.

Nursing home for the elderly
24/7 care for a sick person

Our nurses are highly skilled professionals

who provide highest quality services. Moreover, the expertise and involvement of theirs are supported by specialist equipment. We constantly improve our skills, we therefore remain open to any remarks and suggestions of our residents and their family members. We realize that side by side we can perfect this place and refine its atmosphere.

The choice of a suitable nursing home is a difficult one. What is the most essential is the client’s wellbeing.

We therefore seek to ensure that our service is both approachable and competent. As a result, the residents can enjoy their autumn years securely and comfortably. The clients who require healthcare and rehabilitation shall receive them on site.

  • Safety
  • Comfort
  • Professionalism
  • Friendly atmosphere
senior carer
24/7 care for a sick person Poland

We ensure professional care for senior citizens affected by dementia.

Our service is assisted by compassionate staff as well as the infrastructure that we have at our disposal. Despite the numerous difficulties that patients with dementia and their families face - thanks to our facilities and competent personnel it is us who feel up to taking over comprehensive care.

Who is this centre meant for?

Our centre suits patients with less than 40 points on the Barthel Scale as well as those affected by diseases such as:

  • after-stroke conditions
  • multiple sclerosis (SM)
  • Parkinson's disease
  • states after femoral neck fractures with senility

The facility is not oriented towards care of the mentally ill and the addicted.

What is the Barthel Scale?

Feeding 0 - Unable
5 - Needs help cutting or spreading butter, etc, or requires modified diet
10 - Independent
Grooming 0 - Needs help with personal care
5 - Independent face/hair/teeth/shaving (implements provided)
Bathing 0 - Dependent
5 - Independent
Dressing 0 - Dependent
5 - Needs help but can do about half unaided
10 - Independent (including buttons, zips, laces, etc)
Bowels 0 - Incontinent (or needs to be given enemas)
5 - Occasional accident
10 - Continent
Bladder 0 - Incontinent or catheterized and unable to manage alone
5 - Occasional accident
10 - Continent
Toilet Use 0 - Dependent
5 - Needs some help, but can do something alone
10 - Independent (on and off, dressing, wiping)
Transfers (Bed to Chair and Back) 0 - Unable, no sitting balance
5 - Needs major help (one or two people, physical),can sit
10 - Minor help (verbal or physical)
15 - Independent
Mobility (On level Surfaces) 0 - Immobile or < 50 yards
5 - Wheelchair independent, including corners, >50 yards
10 - Walks with help of one person (verbal or physical) >50 yards
15 - Independent (but may use any aid, e.g., stick) >50 yards
Stairs 0 - Unable
5 - Needs help (verbal, physical, carrying aid)
10 - Indenpedent

Clear and transparent policy

You know what you pay for.


per month

  • Nursing staff
  • Continuous medical care
  • Specialised equipment
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Quiet neighbourhood
Nursing home for the elderly Poland


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  • Attractive regional excursions every month
  • Learning about tradition
  • Interesting places
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